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Install a fresh 9-Volt battery.

Close battery door.

Wait 60 seconds for circuitry to stabilize.

Your Cat Stop is now ready to protect.
Hold up the Cat Stop and wave your hand across the unit's field of view. The unit will click as your movement activates the ultrasonic unit, and its red light will glow. The red light will stay on for two seconds, indicating that the unit has been triggered.
Replace the battery when the red light does not light.
Do not press against, or apply pressure to the Cat Stop lens.

Position your unit
The Cat Stop can be used a) with its mounting stakes or b) with its wall mount.

Simply place the unit facing the area you want to protect.

Using the Cat Stop mounting stakes
Your unit includes two stakes for versatile mounting (ground level, approximately 4" above ground, and approximately 10" above ground).
a) Push the stake into the ground
b) Attach the Cat Stop unit to the mounting stake
c) Use the extension stake if more height is needed; snap together to lock.
d) Twist and pull apart stakes to unlock.

Wall mounting the Cat Stop
a) Use template (below) to locate screw locations.
b) Drive in screws (provided), leaving 1/4" gap.
c) Line up the screw heads with the keyholes on the reverse side of the CatStop unit.
d) Hang the Cat Stop unit using the keyholes on the unit.
Check CatStop sensitivity.
Once you have placed your unit facing the area you want to protect, walk back several steps and pace across its line of sight. The CatStop is sensitive to motion up to 20 feet away. The unit will activate and its indicator light come on when it sees you. Sensing distance is affected by leaning the unit forward or backward.



How the Cat Stop Works
The CatStop protects any open area of the garden or yard that receives the unwanted attention of animals. Its built-in motion sensor detects the animal in its field of view. The motion triggers the unit and it emits a two second, piercing, high decibel alarm. The red LED light will glow, indicating that the Cat Stop has been triggered. The alarm is ultrasonic - you and your neighbors cannot hear it. It startles the animal and frightens it away. It keeps dogs, cats and other small animals out of your flowers, garden, yard - or anywhere you don't want them to be.
Why the Cat Stop Works
The CatStop provides instant negative reinforcement at the exact time and place of an animal's offending behavior. With the Cat Stop in place, it is the environment which conditions the animal, rather than you. Unlike many pest deterrents that operate continuously, the Cat Stop unit waits for the animal to be in range. Its internal sensor detects the crossing of a warm body in the field of view and its powerful ultrasonic sound burst startles the animal. The animal equates the location with an unpleasant occurrence and learns to avoid the location.

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