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Cat Stop Cat Repellent - #1 Cat Repellent on the Market!

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Cat Stop Cat Repellent - #1 Cat Repellent on the Market!

Cat Stop Cat Repellent is an effective way to deter cats from your yard, garden, cars, or any outdoor area you don't want them.


#1 Cat Repellent on the Market!

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CatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

If you have cat control problems, the Cat Stop Cat Repellent is an effective way to deter cats from your yard, garden, cars, or any outdoor area you don't want them. The cats are back in force this year after the long winter, and you need some way to control them. You can use the Contech Cat Stop Cat Deterrent to safely and easily stop them from bothering you. The catstop will effectively keep cats out of your yard, and while powders & chemicals have to be re-applied over and over, the Cat Stop Repellent is fully automated, weather proof, and will last for years!

With a money back guarantee, a 2 year warranty, and a very low return rate you can be confident that the Cat Stop deterrent will quickly deter cats from areas you don't want them. And it's easy to use as well. You simply place the cat repellent facing the area you want to protect, and the built-in motion sensor detects the animal entering the area and emits a high decibel alarm. It startles the cat or animal and frightens it away. Birds do not hear sounds in this ultrasonic range, so it will no disturb them. Perfect for protecting feeders!

Humans can't hear the sound because it is ultrasonic, above our hearing range. It is harmless to animals and people but extremely effective! The frequency is set to be right in the cat's hearing range, and they find it so unpleasant that they will go someplace else to get away from it.

Cat Stop Repellent Works to:

* Keep cats out of your yard.
* Keep cats off your car.
* Keep cats out of your gardens.
* Stop cats from using your kids playground as a litter box.
* Keep cats away from any area that you don't want them
* Not recommended for use indoors - Use a Scat Mat instead

Advantages to Cat Stop Repellents over other Deterrants

* Fully Automated.
* Water & Full Weather Proof.
* No powders or chemicals to continuously purchase.
* Works when motion is detected.
* Runs off 9v battery.
* Less than 1% returned.
* 30 day money back guarantee.
* 2 year warranty.

Why is the Cat Stop such an effective cat repellant?

* A powerful burst of ultrasonic sound startles the cat.
* The cat equates the location with the unpleasant occurrence.
* The cat avoids the location in the future.

Unlike many animal and cat repellents that operate continuously, the Catstop unit waits for the cat to come into its range before activating, thereby creating a more startling effect.

Each CatStop protects approximately 330 square feet - 20 feet or 9m in front of the unit in an 80 degree arc (the corner of a square yard is 90 degrees), and can operate for several months on one standard 9 volt battery. There are no controls or adjustments. Simply install the battery and position in your garden.

Fully Automated & Water Proof!

What other cat repellent on the market offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a two year warranty? We are serious about how well the Cat Stop works!

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Manufacturer Contech Electronics
Color Green


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