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Soft Claws

Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats

Soft Claws are The Simple, Non-Surgical & Humane

Alternative to Declawing


Soft Paws

Soft Claws, also known as soft paws, were both developed by a veterinarian. Soft Claws are vinyl nail caps that work great for problem cat scratching. Soft Claws are a great alternative to cat declawing.


Soft Claws cat claw covers help protect you and your home from problem scratching. If you've tried other ways of preventing your cat from scratching, you'll really appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of Soft Claws. Training cats to stop scratching takes time and patience and is often ineffective. Nail trims last only a short time before claws are again sharp enough to scratch skin and cause damage to house-hold surfaces such as drapes, carpets and furniture.Soft Claws Nail Caps!

While scratching is natural behavior for cats, it can often cause problems for cat owners. For years, the standard solution was to declaw the cat. Now your veterinarian has an alternative to declawing that is both practical and painless-Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats.  You merely glue the vinyl cat claw tips on your cats nails, and your cat can still 'scratch', but can't cause any damage.  Happy cat, happy owner!

You won't believe how easy it is to apply Soft Claws yourself at home with a Soft Claws / Paws Take Home Kit.

Soft Claws Nail Caps offer an alternative for cat owners who face any of these common situations:

Older cats at risk for declawing

Kittens too young to be declawed

Feline skin conditions irritated by hind-claw scratching

Destructive claw-sharpening in the home 

Outdoor cats living indoors temporarily

Unintentional injuries to you and your family caused by playful cats.

Shipping only $2.95 for any number of packs!

  NEW: Kitten size now includes 20 kitten tips and 20 small tips (no longer 40 kitten tips), so as your cat grows you'll have tips that fit.




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Soft Claws Available in natural (clear), black, purple with white tips, blue, red, pink and purple.









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